An Offering of Songs

tagore-festivalA celebration of Tagore through European choral music

Sunday 1st May 2011

3.30pm Dartington Hall, Devon

Ishirini is delighted to be performing as part of the Tagore Festival, hosted by the Resurgence Trust and the Dartingon Hall Trust. 

Our Offering of Songs, performed on our tour in April to Kolkata and Kalimpong, consists of words and music inspired by Tagore and his work. Tagore‚Äôs web of influences is such that we will be singing some of the most sublime choral music of the European tradition, with pieces by Finzi, Schumann, Macmillan and Skempton. 

For more information about the Festival please see their website. Download the publicity for the concert here and see the repertoire of the concert here.

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