Monteverdi Vespers

monteverdi posterSat 21st November 2015, 7.30pm

St. Mary's Church, Welwyn

Tickets: Adults:£15, Students:£10, <16s:£5

Hill & Co, 5 High St, Welwyn (01438 715849)

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Virtuosic choral writing, thrilling antiphonal effects, sensual solos from the Song of Songs, swinging dance rhythms: Claudio Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers has it all, not to mention one of the most glorious openings imaginable.

Following their St. John Passion last year, chamber choir Ishirini are delighted to return to St. Mary’s with a performance of this pillar of Western music. The Vespers is lavish music with a breadth of expression that was unprecedented in its day. Despite the intervening centuries it has lost none of its freshness and power.

Recreating the majestic sound world of early seventeenth century Italy are The Guildhall Cornett & Sackbutt Ensemble and strings from Ars Eloquentiae.

Registered charity no: 1138755