Georgia tour 2017

NarikalaJW224th - 31st August 2017

Georgia: Tbilisi, Mestia

Ishirini is visiting Georgia in August 2017, performing concerts and services and collaborating with local musicians

26th August 7.30: Concert, National Library of Georgia, Tbilisi

27th August 7pm: Service, Saint Pantaleon Church, Tbilisi

30th August 6pm: Concert with Ensemble Riho, Mestia town square

31st August 5pm: Concert with Ensemble Riho, Mestia Central Museum

We will be singing a variety of medieval, 16th, 17th and 20th century a cappella repertoire, including works by de Monte, Pachelbel, Monteverdi, Dove and McDowall. We will also be joining forces with various Georgian choirs and some of our repertoire reflects the block chord hymn-like movement of the Georgian songs sung with them.

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