Repertoire to celebrate Rabindranath Tagore

As our tour to India coincides with the 150th anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, arguably Bengal's most famous son, a playwright, poet, song writer, novelist, educator, philosopher and humanist, we have decided through collaboration with our partners, the Mathieson Music School to focus our repertoire around Tagore and his work.

This will include poems and music written by Tagore, settings of Tagore poems by European composers, settings of poems inspired by Tagore and settings of poems that inspired Tagore. Tagore’s web of influences is such that this involves some of the most sublime poetry in English, with pieces from the Bible, Shakespeare, Yeats, and Bridges as well as Tagore’s poetry itself.

We are also proud to be commissioning an entirely new piece to be performed on the tour, which will be based on Tagore's thought and writing.

Registered charity no: 1138755