Upendo regularly attracts crowds of over 10,000 in Tanzania with their captivating displays of secular and religious music. These national and international stars are full of energy in their singing and dancing, genuinely including their audience in each performance. For more pictures see their gallery page.

They were wonderful hosts to Ishirini on their tour to Tanzania in April 2009. Ishirini were pleased to be able to return the favour, hosting and joining Upendo on their tour to the UK in July 2010.


As well as being a group of excellent musical performers, Upendo has a strong commitment to missionary and philanthropic work in Tanzania. Using the profits from their recordings, the group has supported several vulnerable children through secondary school, and purchased a plot of land in Dar es Salaam with the vision of building a centre for vocational training and income-generating projects to create vital employment and skills training for young people.

Registered charity no: 1138755