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recorded live during performance of Jubilate Deo

Agnus Dei - Byrd (from the Mass for Five voices)

Benedictus - Byrd (from the Mass for Five voices)

Credo - Byrd (from the Mass for Five voices)

Gloria - Byrd (from the Mass for Five voices)

Stabat Virgo - Monteverdi (one of the Spiritual Madrigals)

recorded live during performance of Hamba Lulu

Asante 46 - Ben Finn (commission première)

Tanzanian choir Upendo is heard in the aural 'foreground' and Ishirini in the backround, some distance away.
Parker Psalm Tunes/Tanzanian Choruses - Tallis/Upendo

Ishirini and Tanzanian choir Upendo alternate Tallis and Tanzanian songs. In the second Tallis hymn Upendo Leader Joshua can be heard improvising... just as Tallis intended.
...with thanks to Nicolas Soames and Sarah Butcher for recording and editing

recorded live during rehearsal for Ave Maria

O Clap your Hands - Gibbons

Hamba Lulu - arr. Mike Brewer

Take him, Earth, for cherishing - Howells

...with thanks to Rachel Smith for editing and Nathan Williams, Alan Charlton and Rachel Smith for recording.

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