An Offering of Songs at St. Mary's Alverstoke

The launch of our tour to India. Music inspired by the Bengali Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore

Praetorius - Magnificat

 Finzi - Poems of Robert Bridges

I praise the tender flower

Haste On, My Joys

 Schumann - Talismane

J. S. Bach - Partita no. III in E major (Preludio

Gibbons - See, see, the Word is Incarnate

 Macmillan - Strathclyde Motets

Mitte Manum Tuum

Factus est repente

Allwood - out of the mouths of children

J. S. Bach - Partita no. III in E major (Gavotte en rondeau)

 Vaughan Williams - Three Shakespeare Songs

Full fathom five

The cloud-capp'd towers

Over hill, over dale

Skempton - He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

Stanford - Eternal Father

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