An Offering of Songs, India - April 2011


A programme inspired by Tagore for our tour to India in April 2011. This is the programme from the concert sung at St. Paul's Cathedral with the collaboration of the Mathieson Music School. For the repertoire performed at the other concerts on the tour see here.

 Praetorius - Magnificat

Finzi - Poems of Robert Bridges

I praise the tender flower

Haste On, My Joys

 String music - Mathieson Music School

Junior choir - Mathieson Music School

Macmillan - Mitte Manum Tuum

Schumann - Talismane


Jackson - O Sacrum Convivium

British and Bengali Folk Songs

J.S.Bach - Sonata VI in G major

Allwood - out of the mouths of children

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