Georgia 2017


Georgia tour - August 2017

Our tour took us to the capital Tbiliisi and Mestia in the Caucasus mountains. We performed in the National Library of Georgia and the Svaneti History and Ethnography Museum as well as the town square of Mestia.


We enjoyed singing our usual repertoire of sacred western music, but particularly enjoyed the chance to sing and listen to Georgian music, in Saint Pantaleon church in Tbilisi, with Ensemble Riho in Mestia, and also in all the various restaurants we ate at.riho

We were touched by the warmth and hospitality of everyone we met, and would like to extend our particular thanks to Marina Nadiradze, who arranged the concert in the National Library; Badri Jimsheleishvili, singer and choir director in Tbilisi; Marianna Mamajanova, wonderful receptionist of Hotel City, Tbilisi; and Vakhtang Pilpani of Ensemble Riho in Mestia. 


26th August 7.30: Concert, National Library of Georgia, Tbilisi

27th August 7pm: Service, Saint Pantaleon Church, Tbilisi

30th August 6pm: Concert with Ensemble Riho, Mestia town square

31st August 5pm: Concert with Ensemble Riho, Mestia Central Museum


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