About us

Ishirini, Swahili for twenty, is a chamber choir which explores and celebrates choral traditions from around the world. Rooted in the Cambridge choral tradition, Ishirini has developed a range of innovative and collaborative projects. In each of our performances our musical director, Jeremy Rouse has carefully researched thematic programmes which explore various aspects of place and tradition.

In our tours to Tanzania and India, as well as a reciprocal tour of the UK from Tanzanian national stars Upendo, we conducted workshops with local schools and collaborated with local musicians to perform new compositions exploring the fusion of our respective traditions. In Poland we held joint concerts with our partner choir, Stryzowski Chor, and in Jordan we joined the festival Aswatuna: Arab Sing, where choirs from Jordan, Syria and the UAE performed together in beautiful locations across the country. In August 2013 we performed as part of the Palestinian Choral Festival singing with our partner choirs in Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Ramalla and in August 2014 we sang concerts as part of the Música en las Montañas festival in la Alpujarra, Andalucia. In 2016 we toured Nepal, linking up with the Music Department of Kathmandu University and singing in temples, schools and hospitals. In 2017 we visited Georgia, where we collaborated with local musicians. 

Future plans include tours to Florence, Ethiopia and Madagascar. We are delighted to receive regular invitations to perform at corporate events and weddings: if you would like to book us, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registered charity no: 1138755